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    Second update for this challenge! I've just gotten my fourth badge, but here are the details if you're interested:

    -Chased down Team Plasma in Pinwheel Forest and got back the Dragon Skull. While doing this, I caught Sydian, the female Petilil as "The Valentine" after a surprising amount of searching! And... that makes three pokémon with a Brave nature... ¬_¬ Yeah, not a great nature for my party.
    -Crossed the Skyarrow Bridge and reached Castelia City just before dusk. Did my usual city and Route 4 exploration before taking on the Battle Company and Team Plasma. I found that Basculin (from the desert fishermen) give an incredible amount of experience, so it wasn't difficult to catch Sydian up to the rest of the team at all.
    -Next up was Burgh in the Castelia Gym. This was actually a simple battle from what I can remember. Magenta (Munna) took down Whirlipede and I think Dwebble too (if not, she brought it down quite a bit). Cadeau (Pignite) took care of the rest. And so we won the Insect Badge.

    -Bianca was easy and Cheren wasn't that much harder.
    -Explored the rest of the desert, including the Desert Resort. Here, Pear the male Maractus (as in prickly pear; also bonus for sounding like "pair" ) joined the party as "The Flower" (after losing one Maractus to a crit D:<)!
    -Picked up the Cover Fossil in the Relic Castle.
    -Went to Nimbasa and got a Bike. Explored the city, as well as Anville Town, and later entered Magenta in the "Forest Stroll" Musical and got... second. >_< I'm don't think it was wise choosing Munna as "The Pink," due to its body type. I tried again, entering her in "A Sweet Soirée" this time... and won first (top hat, black bow-tie, pink ribbon, and glasses)! :O Musical objective complete!
    -Cleared the routes around Nimbasa and returned to Nacrene to revive Tirtouga. Taught it Strength and moved the boulders near Accumula Town and Nimbasa City. Also explored the newly-opened area in Pinwheel Forest.
    -Entered the amusement park. Ferris wheel scene with N and stuff... The battle with N wasn't too bad, but Sigilyph was a bit problematic. Cotton Spore was kinda helpful against it though.
    -Nimbasa Gym wasn't hard at all. I was strangely overleveled, even without extra purposeful grinding in this update. I thought Elesa's battle was fun. ^-^ Passion (Audino) just spammed Secret Power against her Volt Switching Emolga (and one Attract on her female one), and she ended up using two Hyper Potions on her female one. Until I got a lucky paralysis with Secret Power and a crit sometime. One hit Zebstrika on the switch-in from Volt Switch. I returned for Cadeau, who proceeded to take two Sparks, putting him in the red. However, this activated Blaze, so Flame Charge finished off Zebstrika and allowed him to outspeed the male Emolga she had left, earning us the Bolt Badge!

    The team so far:

    The Gift

    Cadeau (Male Pignite, Naive, Somewhat vain, Lv. 28)
    Blaze, @Charcoal
    -Flame Charge
    -Work Up
    -Arm Thrust

    The Pink

    Magenta (Female Munna, Brave, Thoroughly cunning, Lv. 28)
    Synchronize, @Quick Claw
    ~First place in the "A Sweet Soirée" musical show!

    The Attraction

    Passion (Male Audino, Brave, Likes to fight, Lv. 29)
    Regenerator, @Scope Lens
    -Secret Power

    The Valentine

    Sydian (Female Petilil, Brave, Often dozes off, Lv. 29)
    Chlorophyll, @Eviolite
    -Giga Drain
    -Leech Seed
    -Sleep Powder

    The Flower

    Pear (Male Maractus, Bashful, Somewhat of a clown, Lv. 28)
    Water Absorb, @Miracle Seed
    -Giga Drain
    -Pin Missile
    -Cotton Spore
    Completed Solo Runs
    Treecko: FR (3 KOs) | HG (29 KOs)
    Buizel: Pt (5 KOs)