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    Jeez, Cid, do your fingers hurt from all the typing?

    Originally Posted by gunnerpow7 View Post
    Oh, and time paradoxes are the coolest part of the story <3
    I (partially) agree with you there! Paradoxes and loops are some of my favourite parts (and you'll get plenty of them still!!)

    Originally Posted by Cid View Post
    Guys! Bad news. D:

    Jade went grimbark and Jane went Crockercorp bananas, Little Red Riding Hood-style— all with the Condesce's overpowered mind control shenanigans.
    Dirk was transported in the same place as Lord Noir
    I thought I knew Hussie, and that he loves messing with the fandom

    Seriously, as hot as Jane's new outfit is
    There is a silver lining, at least. Karkat and co. are coming. With crab walkie-talkies.

    I still don't like mirthful Gamzee. But yeah, I suppose it's Hussie's comic, and he seems pretty consistent with Gamzee. Although that's ironic to say, since when has Gamzee ever been consistent? :p

    Hopefully with Lord Noir being in the furthest ring, he'll meet Bec Noir and PM instead of the meteor where Dave and co. are in. Because Dirk should meet with Dave and co. first, conveniently so since he's also in the furthest ring now.

    Speaking of theories, though! I heard of a theory that the batterwitch was actually on our side and we haven't realized it. Like she hates Lord English for one, another because she has actually had so many chances to kill off the alpha kids and she didn't, third because of her attempts to get Roxy into her plans before Roxy escaped (even giving her a ring that enhanced her powers as a hero of Void), and lastly because she's practically Meenah (whom I think has some good within her despite the, at times, obnoxious personality) in a different timeline.

    I think Hussie just plans to sink all ships and not have anyone ending up with another or something. :p

    Who actually knows where John is right now? I certainly don't, smh.


    Omfg "grimbark". I love that WAY too much right now.
    I don't think Dirk and Lord Noir (awesome, it's caught on; thank you whoever I read it off of!) are in the same place. The question marks next to their image makes me think either "we have NO CLUE where they are" or "they're somewhere/somewhen in the furthest ring but not too sure when/where exactly". Either way, they were on opposite sides of the image, so I don't think we have to worry about them being next to each other.
    I love being surprised so majorly like this. Makes me love the story even more.

    I agree with you on Jane's new-found attractiveness (funny how a colour change makes a difference like that).
    I was grinning madly when I saw Karkat :D

    You can predict Gamzee to be unpredictable! :D

    Hmm... I figure Lord Noir might meet up with Bec Noir and PM, and Dirk might meet up with the trolls and co. Can't say for certain though.

    That does make some sense; though ultimately I think she's a third party. She likes her power and she wants to rule; she's working with Lord English to meet that goal, but she also has her own plan going on too (which partly include the kids). Her best case scenario is probably to defeat English, and the kids.

    I honestly have no idea how ships will work, in the end.

    We... might see some John in this intermission, I think?

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