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Okay, finally got a chance to play again!

Update 3

- Cleared Rusturf Tunnel
- Beat all the trainers on the way to Fallarbor Town
- Caught Swablu and named her Sydian and gave her a Silk Scarf
- Kept getting beat by Archie at Mt. Chimney, so grinded everybody up to level 30
- STILL got beat because of type weaknesses *grumble*
- Finally beat Archie and obtained the Meteorite
- onto MT. Chimney's Jagged Pass
- Defeated Flannery with Chico


Chico, the Present

Level 33
Modest male Combusken
Peck | Cut | Double Kick | Ember

Mona, the Attraction

Level 30
Modest female Beautifly
Flash | Gust | Stun Spore | Mega Drain

Thorn, the Flower

Level 32
Relaxed male Gloom
Absorb (grass) | Acid | Poison Powder | Sleep Powder (grass)

Sydian, the Valentine

Level 32
Sassy female Swablu
Holding Quick Claw
Peck | Fury Attack | Astonish | Mist

And mustn't forget my lovely helper:



Level 13
Docile male Marill
Tackle | Rock Smash | Strength | Water Gun