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Lucy - Outskirts of Jubilife
Lucy's attention was drawn away from Mako briefly by Bay running off. Now what was that boy doing? ...Boys. Who understood them anyway? Thank god I have a daughter. She directed her attention back to Mako. "I 'unno." she admitted casually with a shrug of her shoulders. "Seemed like a good talk starter." she clarified. "Pastoria..." she said in an awkward tone that suggested she'd never heard of it before actually clarifying such with words. "Never heard of it. Is it one of those ghost towns?" she asked casually. "I'm from--I /was/ from Eterna... The reason I ask is because--Well... I--" she started, abruptly cutting off mid-sentence as anxiety gripped her. She had no idea that Mako apparently compared her to his mom. "Nevermind..." she stated in a slightly distant manner. Sorry, Mako. She'd spill her guts to you but she's currently using them to trap a dangerous boy. No kissy scenes today, as much as I'm sure Koto loves hearing Lucy flirt from within her.

Speaking of Koto, however...

Lucy placed her hands on her rather gravid looking stomach, a gesture Koto may be able to feel depending on how aware he was of his surroundings. "I've got to deal with this troublemaker, and we're already at Jubilife." she stated, and then smiled in a slightly awkward manner. "Let's talk again though, alright..?" she asked in a tone that hinted at mild shyness. Flirting aside, she proceeded to slowly turn her back on Mako, giving him enough time to give her an answer before doing so. One of the hands on her stomach turned into a pointing finger which she promptly jabbed into her belly, poking at Koto through her stomach walls. "Hey. You." she said poking her belly two more times, deliberately in different spots, before allowing her hands to once again rest there. "What's the big idea attacking us, huh? We didn't do nothin' to you!" she said to Koto in a rather irritated tone, accusing him of doing her wrong in tone alone. "I /could/ let you out of there, but definitely not if you're going to act like /that/." she explained, apparently threatening to keep him inside her if he didn't cooperate, oblivious to the fact that her stomach was probably the only place Koto had felt safe for a long time. And to be fair, and secret organization hunting him down would have to go through her to get to him like this--Literally.

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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