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I have been lurking in this thread for far too long now, but I shall now join this wonderful club!
Thank you so much Blade for creating this fantastic club
Now onto all the topics I've missed and the current:

Who is your favorite character?
My favourite would be Kirito, he and I are similar in ways and we do have roughly the same tastes when it comes to clothing attire and picking a character in a mmo. I of course also like Asuna, she's bad ass.

I'm wondering if you guys would want to live in Aincrad?
It would be a somewhat of a dream come true lol. I would live in Aincrad, even if it would mean living in a world where death could happen at any given moment.

How would you react if you reached the end of a game/quest and you did not receive the reward you anticipated?
I wouldn't really mind, but I would ponder about it for a while and just let it go eventually. I'm more into the experience and adventure aspect of a game, rather than getting rewarded with something, especially something that I'd have no use for whatsoever.

How far would you go to protect someone that you met in a virtual world, whether it be a good friend or a love interest?
Depending on how they would make me feel, then I'd go ALL OUT to protect them, no matter what. They would be my cause of living and my death would be promised to them.
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