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    Gates of Dalenham, Eveamoor

    T'was only yesterday where Eve was acquainted with her future allies, only to lead to a job right near her present location. Yesterday was also the great bar fight, where Eve first thought it was quite uncooth of her to evoke on a fruitless task of slugging with her fellow man, that was until, someone had accidently topped her strawberry cake, which in turn, made her furious enough to slug the first man she saw. That was quite the fest.

    The gates of Dalenham was as she remembered. Her father took her here occasionally from the age of 7. Its gates were as strong as the steel weapon that she held, but as free and accepting as birds to the sky. When she finally broke the news to her father, her father was quite pleased that she had finally taken her tasks seriously. Or at least, serious enough.

    "Oh, sweet potatos love me, potatos love me~" Eve started to sing. Along side dancing, singing was her habit whenever she traveled. She didn't know why, but it was a habit, nonetheless. "As the grass grows, the oranges blows its scent of divinity~" Of course, as signing, she at least remembered where she was supposed to go. It was then that she saw them -- some her faithful colleges just around the corner.

    "Hold on there, good morrow my friends! Evelynn has finally joined the party," Eve addressed with her signature spin. "I hope the night for each of you was as joyous as my dancing: true, and delightful. I do apologize for my recent dissaperence at the bar. While the fighting was uncooth of me, I was not about to let a sweet delight of Evelynns get crushed in vain. Eve takes pride on the sweets you eat, you see. So I did the unfortunate task of hitting a man on his Adam's Apple. Out of love for my sweet, of course."

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