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    Sweethearts: masaru3 and Pink Mommy!


    Species: Gallade
    OT: Andre (masaru3)
    Nickname: Casimir
    Shiny: No
    Trait: Justified
    Nature: Brave
    Level: 40
    Gender: Male
    Moves: Psycho Cut, Healing Pulse, Helping Hand, Protect
    Held Item: Sweet Heart
    Legality Analysis: Pokécheck


    Species: Gardevoir
    OT: VIANEY (Pink Mommy)
    Nickname: JULIANA
    Shiny: No
    Trait: Synchronize
    Nature: Quiet
    Level: 40
    Gender: Female
    Moves: Healing Wish, Mean Look, Grudge, Attract
    Held Item: Sweet Heart
    Legality Analysis: Pokécheck

    My Life For Yours

    After loosing various pokémon contest, poor Gardevoir Juliana was abandoned in the forest by her beloved trainer.
    She’d always known her loyalty was with him, and she would have even given up her life for him but… what happens when your master is the one who decides to leave?
    Time went by in a haze, and she’d been alone for so long that her grief had turned into hatred. That was when she stumbled upon one of the cruelest pokémon trainers in Sinnoh.
    She was beaten up almost unconscious by a vicious Banette, yet still refused to stay in the pokéball. That was when the trainer sent him out…
    Casimir, a poor Gallade obtained in a trade while still a Kirlia and forced to evolve almost immediately. His eyes were dull and sunken, and his bladed arms sported the same scars that she now had in her delicate arms.
    At the sight of her, Casimir fell in love, but he knew that helping his trainer to catch her would be condemning her to the hell the he was living in now.
    He refused to attack, which sent his master in frenzy. No longer caring if he was able to catch her or not, he ordered the Banette to attack Juliana, just for the sake of having his way.
    Casimir bravely stood between them. He couldn’t attack his master, but he wasn’t going to let them harm her either. Like a statue made of stone, he held his ground while the vicious Banette’s claws dug in his skin. He wouldn’t leave her alone, because his telepathy had shown him her past.
    She was a Contestant, raised to amuse and entertain, but not to fight. She couldn’t even protect herself.
    The Banette finally brought him to his knees, then lashed out to her. It was then that Casimir decided he had had enough.
    With the speed acquired from years of horrible training, he stroke out, bringing the Banette down with one hit. Still, he wouldn’t hurt his master.
    He carried the wounded Juliana, though he could hardly move himself, and took her to a safe place. It was then that Juliana made a wish.
    She swore to stay at his side forever, if he would only live to be with her.

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