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Well, I gave in and watched all of Madoka Magica last night. I saw many reviews and comments say the show was overrated, but I thought it was actually very enjoyable...or as enjoyable as a depressing show like that can be! (and I thought Casshern Sins and Deadman Wonderland were depressing!)

Whoever told me there wasn't much action was wrong. I saw plenty, more in the first episode than Tenchi Muyo! GXP has had in 15 episodes. So as far as needing to have action, Madoka has it. However, I still believe the moe designs are gonna turn a lot of people off to the show that won't give it a chance, in a similar way to people who refuse to watch Sym-Bionic Titan just because it isn't an anime or doesn't look like an anime. It would be a big risk.

But, if Toonami where to pick up Madoka anyway, I'd admire them for taking that risk.
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