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Atreyu - Thunder Dome, Cloud Server

Atreyu felt Shaka Shaman's heal spells take effect after each from the two creatures pounded him further towards deletion. Thank god he had the Healer and DPS to back him up, even though there was only three of them, it would be enough to keep them going until others joined. A small, green icon flashed in the edge of his vision, pulling it up he had a quick read of the automated message before pushing it back down and carrying on fighting.
Note: Equipping weapons such as swords and bows increase your attack power whilst shields and armour increase your defence.
Cursing to himself, Atreyu equipped the basic sword and shield that had come with the starter pack for his class. Within a couple of swings of his sword and bashing with the shield, he noticed an increase in his overall DPS and a significant drop in the monster's health than before. His own health even decreased at a slightly slower rate than previously.

"Such an idiot. Never was good at this dungeoning thing. Looks like I'm going to have to skill up now if I want to live." He berated himself with each swing and block.

A shattering of data announced the destruction of the Gorilla beast, while celebration would come after, Atreyu turned his attention to the Horse-headed DAEMON, taking quick peaks at any other monsters nearby.

[GENERAL]: Keep it up guys, almost there!