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I hate Kingdras! Juan's Kingdra is the biggest troll ever to exist in all of pokemon!!! I swept through his whole team no problem, except that damn Kingdra! Took me 20 minutes to finish that thing, 20 MINUTES!! Thats like 200 turns!!!

Well anyway I'm back after beating Juan and getting my 8th badge, now off to the Elite Four!! I hope Wallace doesn't troll me as much as Juan did...

Alright so I beat Maxie and finished off team Magma at the space center.
Got Dive from Steven and taught it to Marill.
Headed to the underwater place where Archie was and kick his butt.
Went over to Sootopolis to see Groudon and Kyogre fighting and spoke with Wallace.
Awakened Rayquaza and unleashed his wrath upon the world.
Finally I challenged the gym.


Level 40
Nature: Careful
Ability: Hyper Cutter
Brick Break, Strength, Bulk Up, Rock Tomb

Level 40
Nature: Impish
Ability: Battle Armor
Ancientpower, Earthquake, Metal Claw, Scratch

Level 40
Nature: Quirky
Ability: Illuminate
Thunderbolt, Signal Beam, Shadow Ball, Tail Glow

Level 41
Nature: Gentle
Ability: Swarm
Silver Wind, Giga Drain, Psychic, Stun Spore

Level 38
Nature: Modest
Ability: Compoundeyes
Aerial Ace, Dig, Metal Claw, Secret Power

Shedinja (Will rename later)
Level 38
Nature: Modest
Ability: Wonder Guard
Shadow Ball, Metal Claw, Secret Power, Confuse Ray

HM Slaves
- Fly
- Cut and Flash
- Rock Smash, Dive, and Surf
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