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Species: Absol
OT: Necrum (NecrumWarrior)
Nickname: Aladdin
Nature: Naughty
Shiny: No
Trait: Super Luck
Level: 30
IVs: 4/31/27/6/19/31
Moves: [ Aerial Ace, Double Team, Swagger, Thief ]
Legality Analysis

Species: Gardevoir
OT: Cedric (Sydian)
Nickname: Jasmine
Nature: Sassy
Shiny: Yes
Trait: Synchronize
Level: 30
IVs: 31/31/31/31/31/31
Moves: [ Psychic, Frustration, Substitute, Attract ]
Legality Analysis

Jasmine is a beautiful, flawless, shining star of a princess. Aladdin is a street rat and a Thief. What an awful combination, some might say. But one shouldn't underestimate their circumstances! Jasmine is Sassy and has Frustration with her father for trying to set her up with all these dopey Gallade princes. I mean sure, she's Attractive, but she doesn't want these fancy rich guys that are in it for her looks or the rights to the throne. She wants a real love. Meanwhile, Aladdin is out being a cunning Thief. He evades his captors at every turn, and confounds them with his Swagger. One day, Aladdin happened upon Thundurus by chance, and was granted 3 wishes. He used these wishes to get closer to Jasmine, and launched a grand adventure that eventually brought the star crossed lovers together. By luck these two were destined to meet, even if fate wouldn't allow it.

"Let me share this whole world with you."

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