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Welcome to the club, Antemortem! While the leader was disposed of, the fact that he was a bender makes the situation not quite as simple, I think. I don't think the people will be as quickly to accept a new leader and reach maximum movement since they were betrayed in the past; time will heal those wounds. Is there a time skip in Book 2? Hmm...

Nice find, guys. At first, I thought the pic had Korra sideways and some faceless man LOL turns out that was just her sleeve. /dork

I just LOVE this image. Wow. Although I'm not sure what book 2 will deliver besides 'spirits' and more airbending training, I know the next season will perform at a most superb level.

Some in general speculation since if the rumors are true, we are 2 months away...
What are your predictions for Book 2?
We will find out about Zuko's mom More time with Bumi and Korra's family since things will be rather 'laidback' for a while at least. Korra should restore others' bending, reopen the probending arena, go penguin sledding, and be happy. :)

Edit: Lapras, yes, I saw that too zomg amazing!!!