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Before, I had posted a thread long ago named this, with some old artwork I do not even have on my hard drives anymore. (XD I moved on to different types of work anyways) Rather than so much pixel, or photoshop, 2D. I moved on to 3D and one day, CGI.

So far I've done quite a few pokemon renders. All of course start out as practice for specific things like clouds,grass,sky,lighting, etc. This is what has been done. You can,of course find more on the other places I'm at if I remember to put them on my profile XD.

Bear in mind, even though I have moved on to a more different artwork approach, now comes the issue of hardware limitation e.e

Please, play nice/respectively.

Title - Fields of green

Description: I do have a higher resolution on Deviantart, under Avvoltaire. This one nearly killed my system to render, believe it or not.

Title - Magcargo and his cargo

Description: Mostly for practice on warmer scenes. I so far am somewhat pleased with this progress.

Title - Totodile (Yeah it's just totodile XD)

Description: This one was a nightmare.

Totally gonna yell team 3 star when I do it too...>.>
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