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    Originally Posted by DarkRisingGirl View Post
    Hey Atif! You're accepted! However, since you're only going to be on around 2-3 days a week, I'm going to need all of your free time during those days to focus completely on the hack. Okay? Thank you so much.


    There's 4 of us now, which is really great! I'm so excited. This means nearly every area of the hack can have an expert worker taking care of business. However, this does mean that sharing is an order and working on time is a must. We all have to work hard. I've arranged a schedule for next week, let me know if this is okay for all of you and if not, we'll try to adjust to match everyone's plans.

    Early Monday: Shubunkus will be finishing up scripting & sending the Rom to me.

    Monday: I'll be inserting house tiles for the next city & sending Atif the Rom.

    Tuesday-Wednesday Night: Atif will map the next city & send the Rom back to me, which'll then go to Jillsandwich93

    Thursday-Friday Night: Jillsandwich93 will be inserting music into the Rom, then sending it back to me, which'll then go to Shubunkus.

    Saturday-Early Monday: Shubunkus will script the events in the next city.

    If this schedule is a problem, please let me know so we can arrange things. I want each member to get their hands on the Rom each week. We can do this schedule every week if that's alright. We'll also be using DropBox as a way for all of us to share the Rom without having to download it all the time. If you already have a Dropbox account, please write down your emails so I can add you to the Team Dark Rising folder. We've got a lot of people counting on us to make this hack really amazing, so let's put 110% of effort into this!

    Due to changes in the Rom, the schedule for this week has been changed. I've decided before all of us put in a lot of work into the hack that I would transfer it over to a more safer, cleaner FR Rom. I'm currently transfering all of the data from the Rom we were planned to work on, onto another FR Rom. Although I've transfered about 50% of the data so far, it'll take me an extra day to transfer the rest. So for this week, there will be no mapping planed. Instead, I'll be giving the new Rom over to Shubunkus tomorrow so he can script the first city events. He'll have it til Wednesday. Jillsandwich93 will receive the Rom after that to insert music. Then starting Friday, me and Shubunkus will work on the Rom with him scripting the next events followed by me transfering more of the data over to this new FR Rom. By next week, the Rom'll be in good shape and Atif can begin mapping.

    So to put it short lol:

    Me & Shubunkus will have the Rom til Wednesday

    Jillsandwich will have the Rom from Wednesday to Friday.

    Atif will begin mapping early next week on Tuesday.