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Last update had no internet at evening so i played a lot

-got to Canalave city
-defeated Rival
-Defeated Byron and got my 6th badge
-went to iron island and got an egg
-went to the two lakes and did the quests there
-got to snowpoint city
-captured Sneasel (Chilly)
-Beaten Candace and got my 7th badge
-Did the whole galactic hq and Distortion world quest
-some where while i did those The egg hatched and i got a riolu (Aura)
-trained it up and it evolved into Lucario
-Beaten Volkner and got my last badge
-Bunneary finaly evolved into Lopuny
-Got to the victory road
-inside Sneasel evolved into Weavile
-defeted the elite four and champion

how could i post pictures from my computer please help i will need to post the hall of fame pic