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    > Check the proffesor's storge unit. This is probably where That Thing came from,so there might be an Eldritch Cyndaquil and Chikorita for That Thing to beat the puss out of, which may lead to bonding and a less evil eldritch abomination.

    Unless you two discover a mutual interest in eating faces, you're not sure anything short of superglue will ever bond you to That Thing, but you're willing to give it a shot. After all, in an ideal world That Thing would be your loyal servant, and you two would travel Johto, having adventures and chewing on bad guys. And he would be the son you never had, and there would be a heartwarming end to the series when you were in mortal danger, and he would conclusively prove he had changed by saving you from certain death at terrible risk to himself...

    You snap out of your dream of TV stardom and examine the storage unit. It consists of two roughly circular white plastic segments, connected by a thick tube of bulletproof glass. This glass has been smashed from the inside by something considerably stronger than a bullet.

    Of the Poké Balls within, there is no sign.

    > Loot the Professor's desk, look for something to hold That Thing's pokeball shut. Check the bookcases for information on Eldritch form pokemon. You should probably go back and loot the other houses too.

    You've always wanted all the Professor's awesome stuff, and now you finally have a chance. You are going to loot the hell out of this place, and if anyone asks it was the monsters that did it.

    On the desk is a peculiar contraption that looks like a tiny radar dish with some kind of attached plug; a page from a notebook with writing on it; a half-drunk cup of coffee; a key with a Sentret key fob; and a shard of Togepi egg.

    Othodox found one Long-Range Scanner Attachment! Othdox put the Long-Range Scanner Attachment in the Technological Gubbins Pocket.

    Othodox found one Mysterious Note! Othodox put the Mysterious Note in the Key Items Pocket.

    Othodox found one Half a Cup of Cold Coffee! Othodox put the Half a Cup of Cold Coffee in the Caffeinated Drinks Pocket.

    Othodox found one Elm's Key! Othodox put the Elm's Key in the Key Pocket.

    Othodox found one Togepi Egg Shard! Othodox put the Togepi Egg Shard in the Bits o' Egg Pocket.

    Satisfied with your haul, you turn your attention to the bookcases. Huh. You'd always thought they were just painted on as part of the background scenery, but apparently those books are real. You take a look at the spines – The Oak Method, Trainership Theory 101, Totodile: Avoiding the Jaws – but there's nothing there that looks like it deals with the possibility of Pokémon suddenly turning into giant evil versions of themselves.

    Actually, the Totodile book looks like it might be kind of useful.

    Othodox found one Totodile: Avoiding the Jaws! Othodox put the Totodile: Avoiding the Jaws in the Pokémon Guidebooks Pocket.

    You may wish to consider your haul before heading out to loot the other houses.

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