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    ???: Old Cave

    The blue inked paintings were flowing like formless beasts until the retreated in front of Julia into the darkness. The darkness around her began to subside as the room was slowly lighting itself up. Though the cave was filled with light, the darkness began to gather like clouds of smoke towards a red floating ink which kept growing and growing into a large beast as tall as a Snorlax and fearsome as Entei. The beast roared as a set of red eyes glown underneath the shadows of its body as it continues to absorb more of the blue paint, converting it into red. Behind the beast seems to be a ruined door with various pokemon engraved into its surface. The beast began to crouch and pounce its way towards Julia, moving at a speed not normal by pokemon standards. Landing in front of her it began to open its jaws in and attempt to harm her. Even as its jaw was opening, its eyes remained unmoving as they watched her.

    Lost Guardian; Paint Form
    Fire Blast
    Ice Beam

    Northwest Path: Mountain Region Camp

    "She left to find you... I was about to call her Gyro to see if she was alright." Irek sighed as he dug around Shadoan's bag for food and put the blue wine box back. "She'll be fine... There isn't any activity in the direction she was going when she left the loft." Shadoan turned to Irek. "How would you know?" Irek chuckled as he held up the letter he received earlier. "This little piece of paper tells me where the pokemon are moving in all of Lethia and tells me about territory changes... Ground-level wise, she'll be fine." He turned to Kiba and chuckled a little. "She left east of the loft. You can go find her if you want, though its better to wait until morning in my own opinion. Were finishing up a job tomorrow morning, then I'm dragging this knuckle head here-" Irek trots over to Shadoan and hops aboard his head. "-To Levithans Bastion so I can pick up my scouting bag from my home there; I need to get him to catching Ascension pokemon and have the others train against a few to prepare him for his first conference when he gets his badge components. Maybe even push him to head towards the snow caps for tactical training as a trainer." Shadoan sighed and looked up. "Is this going to be really necessary?" Irek chuckled as he nodded. "Chester did the same to get his wish granted... Though its a better wish than a few others made before." Shadoan's curiosity was perked a little as he looked up at Irek. "What other wishes were made?... How many?" Irek hopped onto Shadoan's leg as he sighed. "Several, though thats only in my life... There was a wish where a trainer wanted his DNA to be crossed with a species of pokemon so he could be closer to his team... Another wished to never become defeated in a pokemon battle, though he lost the love of his life among other values... And another where they would raise Lethia's Lost City; which was granted though short lived when the next trainer wished to sin-." Shadoan held up his hand to pause Irek. "Lost City?" "Yeah... sort of... There is a small sunken town at the bottom of a lake of lava. Supposedly to contain treasure and very advanced technology... Though it got out of hand and a lot of people were getting hurt, so the elites ordered to re-sink the city... The only way they'll raise the city is if its wished for again." shadoan hung his head down, bummed out as Irek chuckled. "Lethia has a lot more to offer Shadoan, you'll be happier to see it all than just what your being told... If you gentlemen will pardon me, I need to hunt us some Silver roots. Our old supply has died off in the bag and we'll need some fresh ones before tonights out, I'll be back shortly." With that, Irek rushed off towards a patch of green near the campsite for some silver root.

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