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    Nathan - Eterna City

    Nathan was still unsure on how to communicate with the poor little guy or girl, and Noctowl was trying to help too. It was just a silent buzz, or a very quiet buzz. Nath wasn't too sure what he was hearing, or if indeed that the beedrill was really there, perhaps it needed more time to get used to it's new owner? Nath peered out of the window of the shack too check if anyone was arround. Just a cabbage stall, and a few people, surely he could slip back past them into Floroma? It was worth a try, Nath was allready sick of this place, and never wanted to come back. Eterna truly was a discrase. Nath was confronted with two options, pretend he is a citezin, but how would the locals react to a child fully clothed, or to fuse with Noctowl and put them to sleep not death. Peraps he could just fly over and out of Eterna, but Nath wasn't sure if they had any weapons or not, however Nath didn't see any point in having any weapons for the sky, surely no-one would attack them from the sky?

    Nath had made up his mind, he was to fly over and into florama and then hopefully gain control of the beedrill spirit. He stepped outside the shack still very cautious, and made sure no-one could see, before fusing with Noctowl. He flew into the air and flew high enough, not visible by any townsfolk. It was either that Nath truly was not visible, or the townsfolk didn't want to attack... It was only a short few metres to actually get out of town and to arrive on a messed up road to floroma. Nath could just follow this path, and go back to floroma. Nath was a bit unsure about what had previously happened, and seemed to be using his powers well allready, another thing which suprised him. He was also now caught up on one side of an argument between Florama and Eterna, which he hoped would never happen. Life just got serious.

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