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Do we port the Poison (poison deals no damage in the overworld, or Pokemon can not faint from poison in the overworld) system from the newer games?
Heck no. I would be adamantly against this. Presumably, this project is aimed at the older side of the Pokemon fan community and this sort of dumbing down of what is already not a difficult game to begin with would be most unwelcome by myself. Add in too much handholding and there will be no challenge left. Poison being a death sentence adds motivation and difficulty. Please don't remove this.

Do we port the TM (never disappear) system from the newer games?
Yes please!

Do we want to use the new (combined with PokeMart) Pokemon Centers?
I like this. It saves on tileset space and adds convenience.

Do we want to implement newer breeding (Masuda method, passing abilities) techniques?
Why not? If we want this to be treated as seriously as any "real" Pokemon game than things like this (even if only for ingame play) would be quite welcome.

Do we remove the need of badges to use HM field moves?
It makes more sense as a broken bridge than people or pokemon randomly blocking paths and then moving for no real reason, so no.

Do we port the newer EXP system?
Yes, why not?

As for editing existing pokemon, I am 100% for this. I would really love to see NU 'mon be useable on the same level as their OU breathern; and tweaks like this essentially lead into a whole new sort of challenge, ala mods like BB/VW. I do however draw the line at new types; there isn't any real need for this.
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