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In no particular order:

Gundam Next plus
-It's a fun game, and as a gundam fan playing as my favorite MS is a lot of fun. Plus, since it featured gundams from the first series up to unicorn, it encouraged me to explore more the world of gundam to find out more about the characters I'm using.
Gundam Rengou VS ZAFT
Big fan of Gundam Seed, being able to control every MS seen in SEED is awesome. Mission mode is awesome too, I get to participate in key fights plus I can play it in short bursts.
Marvel Avengers Alliance
The one facebook game I really play everyday. It raised my interest in Marvel heroes, I enjoy the gameplay and fighting beside my favorite heroes.
Zuma's Revenge
When our computer's net got broken, I played this game instead and got addicted. Now I play it when my internet acts up.
Animal Kaiser
Whenever I go to an arcade I look for this game. The animals and attacks look either cool-or funny, plus the card collecting aspect is what got me into this game.
Yugioh Tag Force
The only tag force game I have. I like yugioh but don't have the money for cards, so this is a nice substitute.
Gundam Fighter
Found this flash game recently, and it's very addicting. gameplay is simple, plus there are many in-jokes and references to the gundam series.
Pokémon Deluge
Play this when I'm bored, or when MAA takes too long to load.
Dragon City
Another FB game that i play on a daily basis, even though I have all the breedable dragons already.
Fruit Ninja
I only got to play this when my aunt came home from abroad and had her ipad with her. Spent hours playing that game.
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