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    For ruby, I've found 2 in the wild.

    Zigzagoon and Poocheyna, I had used both of them as part of my team when I caught them.

    First time ever playing Ruby, I had just gotten the running shoes from my mom and start running around in the grass to get up to level 10 by getting experience (I like to get my starter at level 10 in the beginning). Around the 4th or so encounter it was the Zigzagoon. At first I didn't notice since it's fairly similar, then I saw the sparkles. I don't go crazy when I find things like that, but I was smiling for a good 10 minutes haha. Anyway I got it to low yellow health and caught it with one ball.

    The Poocheyna was similar, though I had started a new game. Again just got my shoes but I was actually looking for one for my team, and around the 5th encounter I found one and it was shiny. Again got it in yellow health and caught it with one ball.
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