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    Sorry guys, I actually have certain days I can log on (I know, lame), Also, Im all for it!

    "After Omega dived after Archie, Swampert alerted me that 'something' was calling for help back towards the ship. As we got closer, I could see dark blue shapes surrounding the ship pushing it into a large pile of jagged rocks! I ordered Swampert to attack with Mud Shot, but he didnt move. I leaped from Salamance to Swampert's back and asked him (telepathically due to Gardevoir) what the matter was. He told me those were Wailord were trying to save the ship. Apperantly, a Gyarados had damaged the engine and sent it to its doom.

    I thought fast. The Wailord were trying to push the ship against the current. Swampert, tell them to go with the current and make as hard a left as possible. The ship moved faster towards the rocks and for a second I was worried. Then, at the last possible second, they turned the ship and they were saved. Take me closer please. Swampert swam us closer so he could translate for me. Thank you Wailord. How can I repay you? Swampert told me they said A man dressed in blue had kidnapped (pokenapped?) their kids and they needed help. No problem, I told them. A boost? They understood, and when I jumped off of Swampert and over them, they Water spouted me up the side of the ship. I landed on the ship and grabbed everyone's poke balls.

    Swampert, Salamance, return! I hopped onto a Wailord and hoped he understood what I needed. With a flip of the tail, we rushed to the site of the kidnapped Wailmer. We were almost there when an explosion rocked the building. I threw Salamance's poke ball towards them, hoping they got him in time."

    And that's what happened.
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