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    If they are going to make following pokemon return, I would like a proper size scale for each pokemon, like the pokemon would be scaled to their actual size - just like in the anime! Wouldn't it be so cool to have a small bug type buzzing around your character as you walk along, or a bird pokemon (such as Archeops XD) flying beside you as your trusty ally?
    I like what some other guy said, you could ride your pokemon! Screw the bikes! In this 3D environment, I think it would be a great feature, the only problem is that you have to get a ride-able pokemon, I mean you can't really ride on a joltik now can you? No.
    I would also like to be able to turn the feature off, you know, just in case I get sick of the follow-me thing.

    (The size scaling probably wouldn't work if you had a wailord on your team, and it would be pretty tricky using wailord for surfing as well, it's just too big! An onix would work though, it's pretty big but thin at the same time, so it could walk around with you. One way to solve the wailord problem is to not put it in the game at all. There! Problem solved! Who cares if it's not in the game anyway, there are far better water types to choose from.)
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