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Hey guys, ZPG here, and I've just located this amaazing forum, where I can be posting all my videos! I'M SO EXCITED.
Hehe, but anyway, I've just started doing Pokemon let's plays, so I thought what better place to start than the region
which started it all? KANTO! But enough talk, here is episode one, all constructive criticism is appreciated; I'm always
looking to improve! Ciao!

And without further ado, here is episode one:

Episode 2 uploaded, enjoy:

Episode 3 now uploaded, hope you like:

Episode 4 now up:

Episode 5, sorry it took so long:

Episode 6, sorry that it's been so long guys:

Here's Episode 7:

Aaand Episode 8:

Again, so sorry for the delay in episodes! Episode 9 here:
Check out my Pokemon antics here!

You can now watch me explore Kanto in my FireRed LP, now on the PokeCommunity:

Finally finished Pokemon Black!
Now accepting BW Wi-Fi Battles, mainly Free Battles, I just wanna have fun. :D
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