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    C.J. Styles
    Outside the Dorms

    As C.J. readied his Xtransceiver he answered Issacs last question. “Well I’ve never been in Raikou. In Suicune we have our own rooms, equipped with a bathroom and a small sitting area. I’d imagine Raikou is the same, maybe a bit lower quality stuff if any difference.

    Once they finished registering each other in their respective Xtrasceivers C.J. turned to walk to the Suicune dorm. “I’ll see you in a little while, if I’m not out back when you get there just contact me tomorrow and we’ll meet up.” C.J. said as he started walking off.


    After a couple minutes he was standing outside the huge blue building that is the Suicune Dorm. C.J. opened the doors and went inside, up to his second floor room. He threw his bag on the chair beside his door and walked over to his dresser opening it to get some new clothes.

    He laid the clothes on his bed and went to take a shower. After a few minutes he emerged cleaned of the blood and dirt that covered his arms and legs prior. “Ready to go guys?” C.J asked as he changed into his fresh clothes. “Yeah, we’re ready.” Ace responded. “Good.” C.J. picked up his supplies bag and saw his TM Case sitting there on the chair. Maybe we can get some use out of that too. He threw the bag over his shoulder and picked up the TM Case.

    C.J. walked out the door, heading to the back of the dorms. Hopefully Issac wasn’t there and gone already.
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