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Gotta love them arc numbers. (b'')b Whenever I see those numbers anywhere irl I just immediately get reminded of Homestuck, so that's pretty much why they're awesome and a staple to the series, haha. As for paradoxes and loops, they are pretty interesting but also kind of too complicated at times that it makes theorizing and compiling stuff harder. But yeah, I still enjoy them. :p

Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
Jeez, Cid, do your fingers hurt from all the typing?
That's just dedication, bro. XD; Seriously, if you saw how long my replies were with the Kingdom Hearts-related discussions back in the old Square-Enix fan club thread, what I typed in this thread just pales in comparison, haha. I enjoy this franchise a lot. It's the least I could do to contribute to the fandom.

Speaking of which, I actually wish I wasn't so lazy with joining the MSPA forums. It's been almost six months and I still don't have an account there. ;;

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Omfg "grimbark". I love that WAY too much right now.
I don't think Dirk and Lord Noir (awesome, it's caught on; thank you whoever I read it off of!) are in the same place. The question marks next to their image makes me think either "we have NO CLUE where they are" or "they're somewhere/somewhen in the furthest ring but not too sure when/where exactly". Either way, they were on opposite sides of the image, so I don't think we have to worry about them being next to each other.
I love being surprised so majorly like this. Makes me love the story even more.

I agree with you on Jane's new-found attractiveness (funny how a colour change makes a difference like that).
I was grinning madly when I saw Karkat :D

You can predict Gamzee to be unpredictable! :D

Hmm... I figure Lord Noir might meet up with Bec Noir and PM, and Dirk might meet up with the trolls and co. Can't say for certain though.

That does make some sense; though ultimately I think she's a third party. She likes her power and she wants to rule; she's working with Lord English to meet that goal, but she also has her own plan going on too (which partly include the kids). Her best case scenario is probably to defeat English, and the kids.

I honestly have no idea how ships will work, in the end.

We... might see some John in this intermission, I think?
I love grimbark as a term, sure, but I don't like how it turned Jade into an overpowered Bec Noir with Witch of Space powers. It's like getting one of the sweetest people you know and making them pure evil, all berserk and on steroids. D:

Ah yeah, I actually meant that they're both out beyond the furthest ring, but not at the same place. But yeah, I agree that it's probably foreshadowing the two groups of characters who'll possibly be arriving in that session through the furthest ring (and thus, Lord Noir and Dirk will encounter one of each). The meteor with Karkat and co., and the two wolves, PM and Bec Noir. Hope that your theory of which meets up with which comes to fruition.

I actually like the twists, too. But my first reaction to that whopper of an update was just wtf. I mean it was just borderline horrifying and not okay (again, I'm okay with it now, but I was really just utterly devastated back then, lmao).

I hope Jane keeps the colors even if she snaps out of her trance (probably not, but a guy can hope, right?). The original colors were horribly plain. But yeah, Karkat is awesome. I was happy to see his crabby text again, and again that crab walkie-talkie with the speaker crab function, haha.

I suppose you could do that, haha. Gamzee has always been unpredictable though, so it's probably more of a surprise if he suddenly isn't unpredictable for once.

Hmm, that is the likeliest case. I just wish if Hussie's gonna go with that, that she gets a chance to talk with Meenah to prove that she actually has shades within her. Or anyone else who could do that. Maybe one of the kids or trolls could, I don't know.

I think it'll be most convenient for Hussie if he just sticks with one or two relationships and make everyone else just good friends.

Hope John appears in the intermission like you say. Seriously, is he not worried about Jade?

update (02/18/13)
The Karkat x Dave bromance, holy smokes, I don't know why but I just felt really happy reading that. It's probably one of the best conversations in the comic, thus far. I mean you get an intimate Karkat for one; that rarely happens. Plus, Dave actually cares to say his peace despite all that. And he sounded genuinely comforting, towards Karkat of all people. Man, I don't know. I'm just really happy for them because they got it all sorted out and that they're actually bros for life now (Dave's words). They look pretty tight and enjoy each other's company, while still being crabby as Karkat has always been, and cool kid-ish as Dave's, so they still mess with each other without making it awkward. Those kinds of conversations keep me from quitting Homestuck, especially when updates like )(IC: Spring trap x2 combo exist. Really.

Also, Rose x Kanaya is apparently going steady (heck yeah), Karkat x Terezi has been dead for a while now, and Dave x Terezi was also cut short. I don't really know what to think of this. I mean I found their conversations and sketch exchanges pretty hilarious, but I always liked Karkat x Terezi and Dave x Jade, or heck, Dave x Rose, over Dave x Terezi, so I don't know.

I seriously don't like Gamzee x Terezi. Like I said, I've never really liked this new Gamzee, and to have Terezi getting wasted with Faygo and apparently being converted into a juggalo is just bad for her. Terezi was really okay as a character already. Why put all that character development to waste, Hussie? Now it's not just the old Gamzee. I want the old Terezi back.
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