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    Issac Milke - Raikou Dorm

    "Alright. Catch you later!" Issac responded as he put his xtransiever back into the side pocket of his backpack. He then picked up his duffel bag and opened the door, letting Trunks go in first then following him through making his way towards the secretary's desk.

    "Can I help you?" she asked with a smile.
    Already a lot nicer than that other lady..
    "Oh yes. I just started today and need to know my room assignment." Issac replied returning the smile as he once again placed his duffel bag on the ground.
    "Alright! Last name please."
    She started typing on her computer at an unreal pace. "You will be here on the first floor. You'll go down that hall," she started pointing down the designated hall, "go left at then end and the last room on the left is yours."
    "Thank you ma'am!"
    "It's my pleasure. Oh and here is your key," she declared as she handed him a card.

    "Well let's go!" Issac exclaimed to Trunks.
    "Tuuuhwwig!" He called as he started to run down the hall. Issac snatched his bag up and made his way to his room.
    "Well here it is, pal. Out new home." Issac slid the key smoothly and he pushed the door opened.
    "Twig! Twig" Trunks announced as he strutted into the room.
    "Wow.. this is just great."

    The room was pretty plain. It had a bed, a desk, a dresser, a nightstand, and a window. It was Issac's new home, though, and he loved it. He immediately unpacked his stuff, hanging his shirts and pants in his closet followed by putting his socks, underwear, and pajamas in his dresser.

    "Going to have decorate a bit, though." He commented to himself as he placed his fossil on top of his dresser.
    I can't help but to wonder what you are..well, were.

    "Tuuwig" Trunks asserted as he pulled at Issac's pants leg and ran over to the window. Issac looked out the window and saw the battle field. It was empty, but Issac couldn't wait to be on it.

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