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If Lin's bending is not restored I will cry. I shed a tear when it was taken in the first place! :( Anyway, I'm falling in step with Mac's thought process in the idea that we will see a more spiritual side of Korra in the months to come, as there was a little hint at the end of the last episode (when Korra regained her bending) that she now has access to the Spirit World and it might become much easier and customary for her to enter it every now and then for whatever reason.

The 'Korra gets in trouble for using her bending in some competition' thing that was mentioned awhile back has me intrigued. Maybe she has to pay/work off some sort of fine and it coerces her into leaving Republic City? I'm not sure why she needs to leave in the first place so anything that could lead to possible reasoning is what I'm working with. I feel like Tenzin having taught her airbending would be the end of her having to seek out anyone/anything... so again I'm stuck in that respect. :x