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...My MU's daughter is stronger than my MU, and he was reclassed twice. It's a little scary. I ended up maxing her level and making her into a Grandmaster while my MU is still a tactician (mainly because he was reclassed twice). Well, it's not so surprising, I try to keep my MU out of battles because of how strong he is, and there's no real worry about him becoming underleveled or too weak.

The children's parents will be censored for spoiler purposes, as well as one of the children's names.

My children have basically forced themselves onto my team (except for Laurent, because that would make him my sixth magic character. Love ya' son), and they're a force to be reckoned with. Morgan, my daughter, keeps around Raiden, an upgraded Levin Sword, Excalibur X, an upgraded Steel Sword (it would have been Excalibur III, but that was too long a name), and magic, just in case. She can go it alone and can take quite a bit of damage. So she's probably my best unit, especially when paired with her father.

Then there's Luci, who carries around several swords, often pairing with her father. These two tend to deal a lot of damage since they team attack alot, although Luci doesn't have the greatest defense.

Kjella, who is a knight, is probably as good as Kellam when it comes to defense, and she's incredibly strong. I'd say that she might even be able to take more damage than Kellam, especially when paired with her father, who guards her a lot (but her mother deals the most damage), which makes for great wall tactics...unless mages are involved.

Then there's Laurent. Poor Laurent.
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