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    Sorry for the double-post! I just wanted to announce that applications are now closed and I am going to process the pair requests now! Hopefully you should get your new pairs in a few hours time! :3 From there you can get to know your pair in our Valentines chat thread, or take part in our Newlyweds Challenge!



    Wow, so this took a lot longer than I expected! Had been working on it for 3-4 hours haha!

    I know this is TL;DR but PLEASE READ:

    As you may know, we got some uneven pairing categories, and we didn’t have enough females for romantic pairings, so I paired some of the guys there up with either FRIENDLY pairs, or other REGULAR pairs. Looking back on it now, we should've written "If I cant find you a romantic match, please specify either regular/ friendly/ dropping out to be put into" but I'll take that into account for next time.

    Some people might notice they have THREE pairs. This is because I felt they would be a good match in a group- and also, for those who requested friendly pairs, they’re just there to make friends, no? Some other pairs needed to be mixed (example: Romantic with Friendly/Regular) because I couldn’t find a romantic match. I used what you wrote as my base, and overall the biggest thing I kept in mind was that I wanted you to get along well (that’s why it took me so long; I seriously read everything and took time considering who you’d match well with.)


    I do realize this may conflict with Newlywed challenges, and I encourage you to try and chat it through if you want to join with someone who has more than one pair or etc. If you are TRULY unhappy with your pair, please PM me and let me know and I’ll try my best to sort something out for you :3 Either way, it is an opportunity to meet a new friend, and I hope you all are happy with your new pair <3
    ALSO! OMG I am SO sorry if I missed anyone! I copy/pasted this all into word and did shuffling around, and you know how sometimes Word can mess up or delete stuff when you try and format so please let me know if I forgot you and I’ll try and reshuffle/ pair you with someone I think you would like :3
    Also sorry if I used the wrong name/ spelled your name wrong. There were a lot of you so I might’ve messed up when copy/pasting your application in word (Might’ve used your nickname instead of your username for example.)

    Onto the Pairings!


    Ultimate PKMN Trainer Red + Hikari10
    Cardinal + Khalil
    Airbourne Bubblun +Droomph
    EJ. + Hybrid Trainer
    Psiiionic + Tabor62
    Rainbow Arcanine + Urugamosu
    Midnightshine + Delta
    KriegStein + Xeninacra
    Antemortem + RodriguezJames55
    Synerjee + Sweets Witch
    Pikakitten + Gunnerpow7
    AWSquared + Cosmotone8
    ZachLMedia + Totodile42
    Sandshrew4 + Unknown#
    Shayminlover123 + Roosterman
    NecrumWarrior + [email protected]


    ChaoticLapras (fr) + Vaporeon7 (fr)
    Pokemaster234 + Nakuzami
    GolurkIsDaBomb + Quote
    Eiffelle + proN + Isamu Akai
    SkittishHeart + Lapras + Catman
    Gym Leader Rozu + Casacaos
    Anbuja + JBsundown
    Canen + Blade_of_darkness
    WindHeart + Sammi-san


    Whyyes + Aeon
    Punnag + Masaru
    Skywolf + Xilfer123
    Fenne-kun + SomethingBeautiful

    (Rom=Romantic but N/A) (Fr= Friendly) (Reg=Regular)

    Bounce (rom) + KoboraX (rom)
    SNOR(es)LAX (reg) + Binary Peaches (fr)
    Team Fail (rom) + Bloodex (rom)
    Elendil (rom) + (DavidtheDeadPhilosopher) (fr)
    Elarmasecreta (fr/rom) + Kawaii Pikachu (reg)
    JNathan (Reg) + Destiny (Rom)
    KJ3400 reg + Darkpokeball reg + LilJz1234 (fr)
    Heretostay123 (reg) + Dan0314 (+Fr.)
    Ludicolodude (reg) + Rpyroy03 (rom)

    Hopefully I didn't miss anyone, like I said. Please let me know if you have an issue with any of these pairings! Hope you are happy getting to know your new friends/ pairs!)
    An alternative to VM or PM is the thread here:
    where we will update the topics so you can help get to know your new pairs better! Feel free to add topics, too!
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