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Do we port the Poison (poison deals no damage in the overworld, or Pokemon can not faint from poison in the overworld) system from the newer games?
I'm really indifferent to this, but the addition would coerce (or persuade) players to think ahead when making an inventory, and I've always liked that in an RPG.

Do we port the TM (never disappear) system from the newer games?
Hm...It's not that I don't like the system (it is a nice feature), may make things too easy, not so much in the mid-game as it would be in the early and end games.

Do we remove the need of badges to use HM field moves?
Well, that largely depends on the basis for the hack. Will all HMs be needed? Will gym battles be mandatory to progress? If the answer to those to are "yes", then my answer to this question is no. If either answer is "no", then my answer would be yes.

Honestly, I don't like the formulaic design of going from gym to gym, beating the evil team, and then finally beating the Elite Four. It's a theme that has persisted in the main game and the majority of hacks here on the forum- not that that makes them inherently bad, it doesn't. The thing is, if we were to make a game that followed that formula, then keeping the need would probably a given. If we were to do something "original" and less restrictive in that sense, I'd say we should. Though, we could always keep badges, or at least the scripts, in mind in case we want to restrict the use without resorting to mandatory gym battles.

Though I have always been a fan of the "Items with HM functions" idea.

Do we port the newer EXP system?
Definitely, I've found that this EXP system makes training a lot less of a chore, so people don't have to grind as much, and that is a Godsend for Pokemon.
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