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    Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
    I guess it can be a little weird for it to be a flying type. I mean, it's on the ground on all fours - how exactly would it dodge moves like Earhquake? Maybe it could it float?
    It may simply be able to run in the air as reindeers are depicted to do. In regards to speculating it's a bug type, it seems more like feather light streamers on it, not feelers. Along with this, eeveelutions always have some some aspect to their form that relates to the typing, and the streamers flowing in the wind support flying type. I would imagine it being given a pair of antennae for bug type and scales or fangs for a dragon type.

    Also, all eeveelutions so far have been the colour of their typing (the exception being leafeon, but green is still a big part of it's colour scheme), pointing towards, eliminating both bug and dragon and supporting either normal or flying. Personally I see it being white to represent clouds and having sky blue as an accent colour which is pretty self explanitory. The only colour that doesn't quite fit is pink, but that may simply been added to make it cuter.

    Both it's name and size/weight would support it being either flying or bug, but given that everything mentioned above supports it being a flying type, I'd go with that.

    And in regards to the eeveelution chart listed above, weaknesses and resistances are unbalanced, as some have 2 weaknesses, some no weaknesses, and some being super effective against 2 or none. With that, I wouldn't take the chart into account.

    EDIT: Depending on which type chart you look at, dragon's colours can be both blue and pink, so I guess the colour scheme could be be similar to Lefeon's style and it could be a dragon type. However, I don't really see any other reasons for it to be a dragon type.
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