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    C.J. Styles
    Behind the Dorms

    C.J. walked through the doors out into the fields. Time to get some training done. Ace and Ax were already out and following him around, C.J. reached for the remaining PokeBalls. He released Custos and Chomp but stopped before releasing Golett. I’m giving him to Dad tomorrow, is it really worth training him? C.J. thought about this for a few moments before eventually releasing the ghost type.

    Golett I want you to know, I appreciate you saving me earlier today. But the reason I went to find you is for my father. Tomorrow you’ll be going to stay with him for awhile, he’ll take really good care of you and when you’re done there maybe you can come back with me, that is if you want to. Okay?” C.J. explained to the Pokemon. Sure it wasn’t a Dragon type but C.J. had mixed feelings about it. After all it did save his life. “Golett? Gol Golett et!” The Pokemon ranted. To bad C.J.’s psychic powers weren’t advanced enough to know what was being said. “Go have fun with the others, we’ll be starting training soon.” C.J said.

    He turned and placed his supply bag on the bench nearest him, placing the TM Case next to that. “BAGON!” Custos exclaimed loudly catching C.J.’s attention. He turned quickly, just in time to see a Mankey charging at the Bagon full speed putting its hands into fists and repeatedly swiping at Custos with them. Fury Swipes. A blue force field surrounds Custos' body, protecting it from attacks. Protect, quick thinking my friend. Suddenly, Custos began to glow brightly. The light grew in intensity blinding C.J. momentarily. When he regained his sight a Bagon no longer stood in front of the attacking Mankey, instead a Shelgon was in it’s place.

    The newly formed Shelgon released a thick, green beam of air from its face at the opponent. DragonBreath. The wild Mankey was hit directly, fearing an inevitable defeat the Pig Monkey Pokemon fled from the field in a hurry. “Wow Custos, that was quite a show.” C.J. complemented. “SHELGON!” Custos proclaimed. “Okay guys, have some fun, we'll be starting training in a few minutes.” C.J. sat down on the bench watching his five Pokemon friends play and have fun. They needed their fun it was a stressful day today.
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