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    Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post
    The most over-rated Dark type? Hmm... I think that title should go to dearest Hydreigon! He's seen as this huge legendary beast of a Pokémon rivalling anything that's thrown at him, but is he really that good? Obviously the answer's yes since he's the pseudo-legendary of Gen V, HOWEVER I don't think he's even close to competing with the other pseudo-legendary Pokémon that are supposed to be in the same league as him. One kick to the face with a Fighting move and Hydreigon is down for the count, is that what you want from such a beast? Granted he does have incredible offensive power and the diversity of his move pool is exceptional, but Hydreigon's low speed and average defences leave him open to a lot of grief from the right Pokémon, which in OU can be almost anything! Without his Dark typing I think he'd be absolutely unstoppable and definitely Uber, but those couple extra weaknesses without much extra coverage are holding him back.
    I do agree that its Dark Typing can prove daunting for Hydreigon. However, nothing about hydreigon is below average with not a single stat below 90. While 98 speed is troubling in the case of more of the faster OU threats, its enough to outspeed more than half of OU(of which hydreigon can 1HKO) and its defenses are good enough for it to take one super effective ice beam at full hp and strike back.

    All in all I think hydreigon is slightly overted, just not for some of the things you mentioned.