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    If this is the wrong section I apologize, but I figured I'd implore the site.

    Are there ANY people on here that produce beats or want to start producing beats or possibly knows someone that would want to do some work? I'm a rapper that was signed to a record label back in November and am looking to put out a series of mixtapes (both for free and for profit which would be split) that I need beats for, but want them to be unique sounding and not just the typical club banger or hard trap beats everyone is doing. I ask here because the mixtapes will be Pokemon themed. I will be doing 6 projects over the course of 2013.

    The Blue Version Mixtape
    The Gold Version Mixtape
    The Emerald Version Mixtape
    The Pearl Version Mixtape
    The Black Version Mixtape

    And I will culminate them all with "The X/Y Tape" which I will try and have released by January 1st, 2014. I will pick two out of the 5 gens up there to sell for a low price (5$ or something since I know I can profit easily from them at that price with the names I'll have for collabs) and then sell the X/Y Tape for 10$ as the big final project.

    I'm not at the post count allowed to post links, so if you want to hear my music its at Youtube/sketchypandaent

    Would love to have the help of someone who has similar interests on a project like this and help take their music career to the next level with me as I go.