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I define love as simply enjoying being around someone who brings joy to your life. That's it. Love is the amount of adoration you receive and show to someone you take pleasure in being around.
And with approximately thirty words, Gary (Gyary?) answers the question I spent an entire post scratching my head over. Nice one, fella.

Many times I have felt attracted more towards a person because of their personality rather than their physical qualities. For me, the way they interact with me or others just really attracts me to them and I totally disregard their physical attributes entirely and views on anything, for that matter. Then, like you said, they become the most appealing and fascinating person on the planet. xD
I was just going to moan about how shallow y'all were making me feel... until I realised that the last girl I fell for, I fell for so hard and so quickly because she was distilled fun to be around. That was it. I mean, she was pretty, but that wasn't why I liked her. Wow. I fink I just had an epiphany. A really nice one. I'm not as shallow as I thought I was.

Thanks Barrels for making my day with your post. It's probably the hardest I've laughed today while reading your post.
Haha, fantastic! I aim to please. And making people laugh is one of the Most Awesomest Things Ever, second only to bacon and knitting.

I've thought about it a lot the past few days and I guess it has a lot to do with trust (for me).
It's Amateur Psychology Night at the PokéCommunity Forums! No, but seriously, this is so interesting. This is your own unique experience of love. Please excuse my fascinated prodding.

'Kay, so, if I've understood correctly, to fall for someone, you have to really know them. More than that - they have to really know you. And, because you're naturally quite reserved - you've 'never felt the need to share any of [your] likes or dislikes' and you're 'quite easy to embarrass' - you've so far managed to avoid tripping headfirst into any romantic puddles. Heh, I kind of wish I was more like you... if I'd gotten to know some of my crushes really well *before* falling for them, I could've worked out how incompatible we actually were. Ah, well. You live and learn, or some other empty cliché that provides NO COMFORT and leaves me SOBBING OVER MY LAPTOP. *bzzzzt*

(Though I have to ask - what interests could you have that would be so embarrassing? Gaming = awesome, Pokémon = awesome, pizza = awesome, Voldemort = if not stereotypically awesome, really ***ing hot, especially as played by Joe Walker. I can't see why anyone would react with much other than 'OMG YOU LIKE PS3/POTTER/PIZZA/POKÉMON/THE LETTER P, APPARENTLY? ME TOO! SQUEEEEE!', and that could be the start of something beautiful. )


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