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    Thia Rondamar

    It had taken the rest of the night and a better part of the morning to reach Itim, and Thia's body had ached from the long walk paired with a lack of sleep. The first thing she did when she arrived at the port town was find an inn to rest in. This time around, she didn't dally in the common room but went straight to her room after paying. Katul appeared from the shadows and took up residence at the foot of the bed while Thia removed her sword, cloak, shoulder guards, and boots before laying down on the bed itself, her eyes falling closed of their own accord.
    Thia wasn't sure when she'd fallen asleep or how long she'd slept, but it couldn't have been too long as the sun was still shining through the closed shutters of a window. Katul was already up and he watched with his eerie yellow eyes as she donned her cloak and shoulder guards again and strapped the sword to her back. When she was ready, a shadow took his place and streaked out under the door. Thia followed, knowing he had probably been up for awhile and had already scouted out a job possibility. When she entered the common room, she caught sight of an out-of-place shadow on the floor next to a well-dressed couple speaking to a man with an axe at his side.

    Booming laughter from the far side of the room came from a group of soldiers sitting around a table, and Thia shifted her hood to better hide her face as she approached the shadow that was her Tatzelwurm. Neither the man with the axe nor the couple noticed the hooded figure standing behind them. When she spoke, the couple nearly jumped out of their skins but the man just groaned. "Marco, I do believe these fine folk would prefer someone more refined than you to guard them."

    Marco glared at Thia, obviously wanting to make a retort that would win him the couple's money, but seeming to think better of it. Hefting his war-axe up onto his shoulder, he stalked away. "I'm only doing this because you saved my life, Rondamar. Don't expect anymore favors," he called back over his shoulder. Thia winced inwardly as he said her last name, but a surreptitious glance in the direction of the soldiers showed they had not heard him.

    Turning her attention back to the obviously confused couple, she questioned coolly, "What might I do for you?"
    The journey to Issathon was much quicker than the journey to Itim, thanks to the horses Thia's employers provided. And the sum wasn't half bad either, as was to be expected from wealthy employers. After parting ways with the couple, Thia wasted no time in making her way to the king's castle, its spires towering over all else. Katul had abandoned his shadowy form, and now people quickly skittered out of the snarling tatzelwurm's way as he forged a path through the crowded streets. When she arrived at the gates to the inner sanctum of the fortress, she was halted by the guards. After telling them her name, they backed off, though they seemed to wonder why she wasn't in the company of the Royal Guard.

    Gardens and rich estates decorated the area surrounding the towering castle, the magnificence of which Thia ignored as she strode onward. People stared at her as she swept by them, telling her she must not look to incredibly presentable after a long horse ride, but not particularly caring.

    She found the person she was looking for speaking with Hallum outside the castle's doors. Perfect; she had questions for both of them. "Father," she said in a steely tone to the man speaking with Hallum. "How good it is to see you." The two men turned to her quickly, not having noticed her silent approach, and the man she had addressed as father stared at her with wide eyes.

    "Thia?" he questioned, as if not fully believing that the daughter he had been looking for for so many years would suddenly just appear before him.

    Suppressing a sigh of exasperation, she skipped all other pleasantries and moved on to the questioning. "Would you mind telling me why the Royal Guard has decided to involve itself in my business?" The question was directed at both men, but Hallum was the one to reply.

    "The king will tell you everything you need to know, Lady Thia," he replied just as coolly. "I assure you, he does not mean to cause you any trouble, but he must think of the kingdom first."

    "Very well. I'll just speak to the king then." She turned sharply on her heel and walked away. Hallum let out a sigh, motioning for two guards stationed nearby to go with her. It wouldn't be a pretty sight if someone thought her an intruder and tried to arrest her.
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