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    PokeKhermia: The Flow of Mana [Rated: T] (OOC)

    Alchemy is the art of manipulating life, and consciousness in matter, to help it evolve, or to solve problems of inner disharmonies.- Jean Dubuis


    As the night time drew near in the Region of Khermia, the moon shone brightly, but it wasn't easy to look up and admire it. A professor along with his research aides hiked the slippery and high hills and slopes, and scaled the rocky and jagged mountains, searching for one purpose: the answer to their lifelong discoveries of Alchemy. Their studies shown that the Goddess Martel was inscriptured to a specific location, and in that location, they long to finally find the World Tree of Mana.

    Soon the clear night sky got cloudy, and rain began to pour, followed up by lighting. If they weren't careful, the wind would cause rock avalanches, and ultimately tie into their own downfall. The rain wasn't letting up. The professor's aides began to get discouraged, trying to desperately persuade the professor to hold on the discovery for another day, however, the professor's stubbornness made him determined to press on, as the discovery of the Lost City of the Goddess Martel was so close to having their secrets finally revealed. And so, he pressed on alone.

    As the professor continued on the hike, his sights upon the ancient inscriptues drew near. That when he saw it -- the thunder and lighting were closer and louder, as he soon saw what it seemed like a gigantic silver winged bird. There was then a gigantic cry from the bird, as it then released a powerful Aeroblast to the distance, almost making the professor lose his balance, as the rocks crumbled. He didn't know where the bird was aiming towards, but as soon as he knew it, the bird flapped its monstrous wings and flew off towards the distance. The professor was dazed, but soon he realized that the sky has cleared up, and the bird was no where in sight...

    The Region of Khermia

    The region of Khermia was always a mysterious land, full of mysterious people, and mysterious things, as a sort of reminiscent of a medieval England society. The people of Khermia have been fascinated by many things, however, there was one thing that surrounded the curiosity of Khermia: Alchemy. According to the studies of Alchemy, all things in the universe were formed from only four elements: earth, air, water, and fire. However, more discoveries of elements were recently found, bringing a brand total of the natural elements to the world to 18, but, it has been said that thousands more have yet to be discovered. Recently, studies of Alchemy have shown that all life are sustained by a specific energy called mana.

    Mana is the power born from the Great Tree Yggdrasill and supports Kermia. Mana provides the basis of both magic and Spirits, and it is used as a power source in Alcehmic affairs. More studies of Alchemy have shown that while it is impossible for people to use the elements of Alchemy on their own right, there were discoveries of peculiar creatures that can use Alchemy and other mana properties. These creatures are now known as Pokemon.

    While the origins of these Pokemon were relatively unknown in Khermia, these pokemon seemed to perform magic that were said to be created by Alchemy, and Mana, as each of them represented an element of their own right, which was then categorized into 18 different typings: Fire, Water, Wind(aka Flying), Ground, Rock, Grass, Colorless(aka Normal), Steel, Bug, Dragon, Psychic, Ghost, Ice, Darkness, Electric, Poison, and Fighting. the Pokemon are actually quite friendly towards people - under great care, of course. As such, the people soon gave these monsters a new name: pokemon. Like in Modern times, the Pokemon were owned by people, to perform a number of tasks such as hunting, scavenging, fishing, cleaning, and most of all, pokemon battling.

    Pokemon battling became a popular sport in Khermia, as this was an easy way for people to properly connect with them. Soon academies and laboratories were built to learn all about these pokemon, for young people to become pokemon trainers. These young trainers would soon learn about prominent ranking system in Khermia, based on the collection of symbols. Each of these symbols are given by a sort of Battle Master, if you defeat or impress them in a pokemon battle. Many kids and teenagers have been trying to collect all of these symbols; some failed, some succeeded. Why do they try? It's for respect, money, and influence.


    One night, there was a star fragment. This star fragment burned up as it traveled down to earth from the atmosphere. Soon the star fragment began to crumble, but then, something extraordinary happened - the star broke up into 8 different fragments, and the fragments scattered throughout the region of Khermia. No one knows what happened to those star fragments, but supposedly, the star fragments were converted into small traces of spirits, in which these spirits entered the hearts and souls of 8 children, with of course, the children having no idea about it. The spirits dwelled within the children for years, as the children grew into the young adults they were today.

    Supposedly, the children were enrolled in the Al-Revis Academy, in of course, in the humble town of Al-Revis. The Al-Revis Academy one of the most famous pokemon academies in all of Khermia, where they not only have classes about Alchemy and Mana, but of course, there were classes about pokemon and pokemon battling. Soon the classes were over, and graduation was about to begin. The headmaster of this academy, Professor Flay Gunnar also planned to organize a rally on where after graduating, students will get their very first pokemon, in order for them to travel all around Khermia, and to collect the 4 symbols of Khermia in order for them to shine as the potential pokemon trainers that they will become.

    Not everyone uses pokemon alchemy for good deeds though. There has been criminal activity around Khermia as of late, where people uses pokemon for deed such as stealing, pilliaging, harrasing,and even for critical cases such as murder. As such, multiple guilds have been created, both for good and evil. One such evil and nefarious group was called the Desians, who acted as a mafia, silently taking control over multiple parts of Khermia, even though the townspeople have not known it, and the authorities were powerless to stop them. The Desians wish to collect the world's strongest and most legendary of pokemon, in order for them to increase their overall power and rule the world in an iron fist.

    However, not even the guilds can be fully prepared for what was going to eventually happen. Even though no one has known it, the Great World Yggdrasil Mana Tree one day lit up, but died. Soon, spiritual energy started to form, as it formed into a great divinity. Martel. Martel looked upon her brothers tree with sadness. It was about to die, which meant the mana supporting Khermia will also cease, and thus, Khermia will soon become a wasteland of a lifeless place. That was when Martel realized it was time. It was time for the 8 chosen children to begin their journey of self-discovery. She called out 8 names: Undine, Efreet, Gnome, Volt, Shadow, Sylph, Luna and Maxwell, as she soon disappeared, back within the heart of the World tree.


    ~This RP is Rated T, so try to lower the gore and very intimate romance. Violent themes and occasional foul language are acceptable.

    ~Do not godmod. It's no fun if a player is completely unbeatable or evolves all their pokémon early on.

    ~Each time a new area (i.e. town and route) is introduced, Ill make a post stating what you can and can't do there, as well as possible optional quests you can do (like optional battle story lines).

    ~When there's an area that you can catch pokemon in, I will of course, list each pokemon available for capture. You can capture pokémon without the need for the GM's approval. Exceptions might arise, but you'll notice them.

    ~Levels will exist, but whenever you battle, you can choose for it to go up. You are basically in control of your pokemon's levels, basically.

    ~You are allowed to carry as many pokémon on hand as you wish to. When entering official battles though, like battle master battles, you are only allowed to keep 6 pokémon on hand.

    ~You are allowed to make up whatever NPCs you wish during your journey. Also, and most importantly, I encourage player-to-player interaction! There is no taboo on making short posts (but well with in the standard RP rules) to interact with players.

    ~When you're in an master battle, you're free to bunny the Battle Master during your battle.

    ~Speaking of battles, please make it realistic! You're pokemon are not obviously going to beat every pokemon out there, nor can it dodge every single attack. Creativity counts~!

    Sign-Up Sheet

    Eevee | Level 25
    Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip
    Vaporeon | Level 20
    Water Gun, Sand-Attack
    Jolteon | Level 20
    Thunderbolt, Sand-Attack
    Flareon | Level 20
    Flamethrower, Sand-Attack
    Espeon | Level 20
    Psychic, Sand-Attack
    Umbreon | Level 20
    Dark Pulse, Sand-Attack
    Leafeon | Level 20
    Leaf Blade, Sand-Attack
    Glaceon | Level 20
    Ice Beam, Sand-Attack

    Name: (first and last)

    Age: (13-20)

    Gender: (male or female)

    Appearance: (body and clothing. Try to avoid having modern day clothing like jeans.)

    Personality: (describe what you are like in general and how you act together with others. Avoid Mary-Sue personalities.)

    History: (just write a small paragraph about your average life, and your life in the Academy. It can be about anything; how you were born, about your family, how you did well in school, what was your interest in pokemon or alchemy, and so on.)

    Starter Pokemon:
    Species: (any one of the list above)
    Moves: (Along with the moves listed, it can have up to two TM moves, or Egg moves.)
    Pokemon Gender: (is your starter male or female?)

    RP Sample: (give me a recent RP post of yours, to give me an idea of how you are going to write in the RP)


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