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    Live, thread, live! I have something to actually post! This picture was a pain in the arse to clean because of all the black, but here's the next line I want to feature: Lamil and Wolvile!


    These two are based on a mix of a "black sheep" and a "wolf in sheep's clothing". Lamil's pure normal, but Wolvile has a unique type combo of normal/dark. They have access to status moves like Cotton Guard as well as the Prankster ability and very good physical defense, making them good annoyers who can even take a extra-super-effective fighting attack if they've had a chance to set up. Conceptually, they're tricksters with a somewhat meaner bent than Kyubi, as well as a predatory side. Wolvile also has a bit of the werewolf in it- it howls at the moon, which gave birth to the myth that the light of a full moon would uncover its trickery. They're found in the rocky mountainous areas of Naval.

    So, you guys likey? :3

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