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Time for updates on my FireRed run.

♥ Chose Squirtle as my starter.
♥ Rushed over to Brock, avoiding as many trainer battles as I could, including the 2nd Rival encounter.
♥ Beat up Brock with ease, then rushed over to Route 3 to catch a Jigglypuff, again, avoiding most of the trainer battles, only fighting those that I couldn't possibly avoid.
♥ Accidently fainted the first Jigglypuff I encountered then eventually ran into a second one and decided to simply throw a Poké Ball, instead of risking to faint it by battling. Caught Jigglypuff and named her Hazumi.
♥ Backtracked all the way to Route 22, battled my way through viridian forest, leveling Hazumi up using the trainers I avoided before.
♥ Battled my Rival then went back to Route 3, making a stop in Viridian City to deposit Bubble, the Squirtle in my PC.
♥ Entered Mt. Moon and caught myself a Geodude and named him Koishi.
♥ Battled my way around Mt. Moon, collecting items in the process.
♥ Ran into a Cleffairy and caught it because I almost never run into them unless I actually look for one ._.
♥ Got out of Mt. Moon and taught Hazumi Mega Punch and Mega Kick.
♥ Got to Cerulean City and faced my Rival for the 3rd time, Hazumi and Koishi doing their best.
♥ Took on the Nugget Bridge then went over to Route 24 where I caught Hana, the Oddish and Chihou the Abra.
♥ Battled my way through Bill to level up Hana for the upcoming Gym Battle.
♥ Got the SS. Anne Ticket then went back to Cerulean where I challenged the Gym.
♥ Used the trainers to level Chihou up a couple of levels then took on Misty with Hana.
♥ After a small trip at the Poké Mart, I entered the house that Team Rocket looted and battled the Grunt in the backyard, obtaining Dig.
♥ Went on to Route 5 and through the passage then emerged on Route 6 and battled all the trainers, evolving Hana and Chihou in the process.
♥ Entered Vermillion, grabbed the Bike Voucher then took on the SS. Anne.
♥ Evolved Koishi and leveled up my team to around his level.
♥ Got out of SS. Anne halfway and traded Koishi and Chihou over to LeafGreen in order to evolve them into Golem and Alakazam respectively.
♥ Went back to SS. Anne for more battles and more items picking then faced my Rival again and easily beat him.
♥ Got Cut HM then went back to Route 6 to catch a Meowth and an Oddish to use as HM slaves.
♥ Went on to Route 2(catching a Dugtrio in the process) to grab Flash then back to Vermillion City.
♥ Taught Meowth and Oddish Cut and Flash then left Oddish at the daycare and took Meowth with me(basically to take advantage of his Pick Up ability <.< >.>)
♥ Wiped out Lt. Surge's Gym then battled my way through Route 11, picking up all the items as well.
♥ Backtracked to Cerulean City then took on Route 9 Trainers, leveling my team up.
♥ Reached Rock Tunnel and took nice advantage of Flash for once.
♥ Battled my way through Rock Tunnel, taught Koishi a new move then got out on Route 10 where I battled 3 more trainers before entering Lavander Town.
♥ Healed at the Pokémon Center, did some shopping at the Mart then saved.

Badge Case

Current Team:

Level 28
Female// Bold// Cute Charm
104// 27// 19// 39// 21// 21
Mega Punch
Mega Kick

Lavel 28
Male// Adamant// Rock Head
84// 74// 84// 34// 49// 39

Rock Slide
Rock Throw

Level 29
Female// Bashful// Chlorophyll
76// 45// 54// 56// 48// 30

Sleep Powder
Bullet Seed

Level 28
Male// Quirky// Inner Focus
73// 34// 31// 84// 60// 78


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