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I am a good mapper however i think it would prove useful to have an assistant mapper (I am a perfectionist so each map i do takes time...)

I will give you some consept maps as soon as i can and see which ones you would like to add into your story.

honestly i couldent be a mapper because i know knothing about warps and certin aspects needed to map. (in retrospect, im not a good mapper)

i am best at scripting and would perfer to do that insted however i use pokescript which is outdated.

for scripting i would need a dialog of what you want me to script (kinda like a play script) and a place of where i should insert it. (this could possibly be the work of JNathan or me)

there are much better mappers out there than me but not alot of scripters. BTW: I belive a rom can use BOTH xse and pokescript as when compiled, they are converted into assembly code and what not.

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