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    Originally Posted by Aerilyn View Post
    Electric type moves aren't very effective against Dragon types, and they're only neutral when it's a Dragon/Flying. Being an Eeveelution, I would say it's almost safe to assume Sylveon will be one pure type unless GameFreak really wanted to pull one from underneath us, which in this case I doubt.
    Ooooohhh, right sorry. I forgot about that, I thought dragon-type pokemon counted as flying cause some of them got wings and everything but then like you said, if they have wings they're dragon/flying.

    Originally Posted by Miss Doronjo View Post
    I guess it can be a little weird for it to be a flying type. I mean, it's on the ground on all fours - how exactly would it dodge moves like Earhquake? Maybe it could it float?
    Well, have you seen Shaymin's flying form? Its on the ground with its all four but its ears makes it being able to fly. The same would probably go for Sylveon's bows since they will probably be able to somehow make Sylveon being able to fly or its just a dragon-type, who knows.
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