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Update on Ultimate Monocolor Challenge (Black).

I was going to play Ruby, but only Emerald has both Mawile and Seviper, even though I hacked in Mawile anyway since the first black Pokemon in Emerald is after the third gym.

Update #1 on Emerald.

Name: Black
Starter: Mawile
  • Used the A-Starter app to make Mawile my starter (replaced Treeko), and named him Cruncher.
  • Defeated May and her L5 Torchic.
  • Wow, Mawile only knows Astonish until L11, time to Struggle those Normal-types!
  • Defeated Roxanne pretty easily with Bite and Fake Tears.
  • Saved Peeko and met the Devon Corp President, then beat May again, thank God Mawile can learn Rock Tomb.
  • Hitched a ride to Dewford Town and delivered the Letter to Steven.
  • Brawly wasn't too hard after an X Attack since Cruncher has ViceGrip now.
  • Moved on through Slateport City and beat May again, Cruncher is getting a little overleveled now.
  • Beat some more trainers around Mauville City, then took on the gym.
  • Wattson was tough since Cruncher got paralyzed, but with a few healing items and an X Attack he was able to pull it out.
  • Went north to Fallarbor Town and caught Asmodeus the Seviper on Route 114. Redwall reference for the win!
  • Started training him up on trainers I skipped earlier, beat Maxie on Mt. Chimney, then hopped down to Lavaridge Town.
  • Taught Asmodeus Dig, and he barely soloed Flannery, that Torkoal is tough and Overheat is OP at this stage of the game.
  • Got the Go-Go-Goggles from May, then saved in the desert.

Team Black:

Asmodeus the Bashful Seviper, ♂ - L37 @ Soft Sand
Ability: Shed Skin
Moves: Poison Tail, Crunch, Swagger, Dig

Cruncher the Adamant Mawile, ♂ - L37 @ Silk Scarf
Ability: Intimidate
Moves: ViceGrip, Rock Tomb, Crunch, Astonish

HM Slaves:

Zigzagoon (x3) - Cut, Rock Smash

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