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Kion Gavin - Forest

"Ay, mein fraulein," Gavin said in response. Right when he was starting to think the girl was smart, she does a 180 on him. She was dense too, which was fine, because then he could through all the flirtatious compliments at her that he wanted to without her knowing. He'd actually been doing it since the moment he met her. It wasn't because he was romantically interested in her; but rather it was for the fun of it. She was the type of person that he felt he could give his deepest, darkest secrets to and there would be no repercussions. It was like giving trigonometry to someone in first grade; they would know that it was math, but they wouldn't completely understand it or even be able to comprehend it. He also got some sort of satisfaction out of it, something he couldn't place. In actuality she reminded him more of a cosplaying kid sister than a romantic interest, and he thought of her as such. He actually thought that she was pretty cute in that sense.

"You're my kitten, and that's that. Kailey doesn't have the ring to it that Kitty does." He chuckled a little and ruffled her hair. He continued to walk through along. There was no path because that would be where the authority figures would expect the students to go. Probably. As such, they traveled through the forest surrounding the graveyard, which was actually the longer way despite following no distinct path. Rather, it was because they didn't follow a distinct path that it took so long. Still, it really wasn't too far away. "I'll carry you if you want," Gavin said jokingly.

Then, fog started creep and stalk passed the trunks of trees ahead; Gavin knew that they were practically there. Gavin stopped and looked at Kailey. "...I'm not going to let you go any further." He turned to her and took off his glove. It was technically still just a pentagram on his left hand, but it had a point at the bottom that constantly grew luminous and then faded away over and over again. He had yet to complete the contract. It didn't matter if he completed the contract or not, however, as the condition about the "Leech's Kiss" was still in place. He felt a little silly completing Mammon's contract because Mammon was an old fashioned "Double double toil and trouble" kinda guy, he liked rhymes, so that was the only way to gain his attention. "I accept your mark and your show of benevolence, so bind me now, bathe me in avarice!" He chanted as he traced the transient point on his left hand with his right one. This one he thought up on the spot, it was not a specified spell, as he already had Mammon's attention from the point that he placed his fingers on the sixth point.

Upon finishing the chant, a red light emanated from the point, slowly following it as a pencil would when connecting dots. As it moved across the point, it darkened to the same color as the pentagram, and the mark finally became a full blown pentagram. Gavin pointed the palm of his left hand at the girl. "Now, Kailey, I'll tell you this one last time: go home." He said the words in stark and serious tone. "I don't want you to get hurt by whatever is in there, and if I have to use force to prevent that, I will."
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