Thread: HG/SS: Where would you live?
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I would love to live in Johto in general, because there isn't one place there that I wouldn't enjoy living in! Maybe that just means I like the friendly and chill atmosphere of the Pokemon universe in general, but there is no other region I'd rather live. Not by a long shot.

I'd love to live in Azalea Town, not because it has aspects that I like in real life, but mostly because it reminds me most of my childhood in Cebu City (I know Azalea isn't a city, haha!). It's just such a chill place, like peaceful living and ish like that. It's surrounded by a forest, and its atmosphere and location gave me a kind of looking-into-the-future and thinking-of-the-old-times feeling!

I would like walking around with that awesome music playing overhead all the time, as if that's actually how it works

Also, these!

Originally Posted by Musketeer View Post
I'd so live in Ecruteak or Cianwood. Reason for Ecruteak is that I love the pagoda style houses and Japanese themed music, and I really like Bell Tower.
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Olivine. I would love to live there because it seems really peaceful there, and you got a beach close by! Also lighthouses are cool hah.
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