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Lass Alli
SoulSilver (Jap)

Megan ♀ lv. 44 @ Miracle Seed
[ Petal Dance, Cut, PoisonPowder, Magical Leaf ]

Klare ♀ lv. 45
[ Flamethrower, Wil-O-Wisp, Confuse Ray, Headbutt ]

Anice ♀ lv. 45 @ Magnet
[ Thunder Fang, Double Kick, Headbutt, Shadow Ball ]

Berta ♀ lv. 45
[ Zen Headbutt, Body Slam, Surf, Earthquake ]

Layla ♀ lv. 46 @Nevermeltice
[ Ice Beam, Surf, Ice Shard, Body Slam ]

We beat the Kimono Girls, went under the sea to catch a Lugia, and took our first steps into Kanto! After getting through a ton of trainers, we made our way through the trainer-less Victory Road, but not without a final battle with our rival Xandr. We grinded up a few levels, and surprisingly took down the Elite Four with ease, even the Champion Lance! Now we're going to be trading in one last female party member...and dominating the Kanto region!
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