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Which is the most overrated Dark Type?

I'd have to say Hydreigon. None of its stats are below base 90, and while 98 base Speed is just short of the key 100 most OU threats have, it's still enough to allow it to outrun a few things. It also has a pretty good movepool, learning at least one attack of every type except Grass. In Black/White getting Dark Pulse on it was a bit tricky, but the Move Tutors in B2/W2 made it much easier to get Dark Pulse, which when combined with Dragon Pulse hit hard due to STAB. It can also learn Focus Blast and some Fire attacks to get around Steel's resistance to both its STAB moves. It's defenses aren't too shabby either, given that high BST for pseudo-legendaries plus Levitate protects it from Ground so it gets two neat immunities too.

Not to mention how badass it looks, and how OP Ghetsis' Hydreigon was in Black and White.
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