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So I finished my team and I won 5 battles in a row with it so I decided to post it and see what you guys think please note that I don't really plan on using it again but I'd like to know what I could have made better

Lead:suicide metagross
[email protected] gem
Adamant252atk/4def/252speed(the only reason that spread is there is because I got lazy and repurposed a pokemon I had already trained I know what the EV's should have been)
Stealth rock
meteor mash
Those of you who have helped me frequently will know that I love suicide leads yes explosion doesnt cut defense anymore and yes metagross isnt fast enough to get rocks up most of the time but it is just bad ass to explode in peoples faces and the normal gem helps to correct explosions shift to 4th gen somewhat, plus I got lazy and just repurposed and old mon because I needed a stealth rocker and soft resetting my azelf was taking too long :L

[email protected] band
Adamant 248/252/8
bullet punch
your standard choice band set

Espeon(UMBREON)@light clay
Timid 252hp/4def/252speed
light screen
heal bell
at first I was a bit sceptical but it worked out to be absolutely fantastic no matter what the situation if a problem pokemon switched in(namely gengar who was faster and could OHKO before I got my screens up) I just trapped it with scizor and rinse and repeated until I won

Bold 240/216/52
quiver dance
bug buzz
fiery dance
This thing is a beast with screens up I even managed to set up on a terrakion locked into rock slide and twice if not 3 times my opponent was stupid enough to let me set up on their scizor and even when taunted by jellicent I continued to boost through fiery dance as odd as that may seem and once I was +6 it was gg as it resists mach punch and bullet punch and even the less common vaccuum wave on top of the burn chance vs extremespeed if something with prankster came out I just swapped to espeon again.

Latios(Burn!)choice specs
Timid 4/252/252
draco meteor
dragon pulse
psyshock(the only reason I ran this over trick was because I ran out of shards :L)
Its latios :L

Jolly 4/252/252
stone edge
close combat
sacred sword(the defense drops from close combat made me fear mach punch even with reflect up)
I love this guy! he has to be one of the greatest revenge killers out there as long as stealth rocks is up +1 dragonite gyarados and salamence and even +2 volcorona are swiftly OHKO'd by stone edge However I am convinced that neutral stone edge does more damage than x-scissor does to latios/latias/reuniclus/starmie and all the other psychic/dark/grass types so it might be better to replace it with quick attack/rockslide/anything at all

So that was my team, Metagross was absolutely terrible at setting rocks up partly due to its bad ev spread :L but it did explode very well :D the normal gem seemed to mitigate the defense drop loss somewhat Most of the time I'd use him to soak up dragon/steel/grass/ice and rock type moves or use it as death fodder for a free switch in for my espeon to proceed and set up dual screens. If anyones interested I'll be uploading a video of one of my wifi battles onto youtube soon but be wary of bad quality as I have no idea how to upload them so I'm just going to record it with a camera and upload it that way
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