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Adrian Frode

After Luka had responded Adrian reconsidered, it was true that some Reapers considered that question rude but Luka didn't seem like that type of a guy, Adrian just was curious since he had worked with him quite a few times now and never seen him demonstrate any special gifts. The others though, they were probably the snooty type to get offended at being questioned and for the teams shaky morale Adrian thought it may be a good idea to skip the line of enquiry.
"Actually don't worry, I'll find out soon enough anyway" he smiled as he removed his ever-present sunglasses and stowed them in a pocket for safekeeping "the sun is starting to set so we may as well get this show on the road, am I right?".

Adrian lightly jumped off the side of the building dropping to one knee to soften the noise of his descent and began to stealthily make his way over to the side of the building where he hid against he side wall waiting for the others to be in position and for Nox to initiate their plan. The time for discussions was over and the time for the removing of limbs had begun.

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