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    I know I'm a bit late to the party here, but I'd really love to comment on your Clementine piece.

    First of all, great job! It looks fantastic. Honestly, I'd expect that caliber of work from an artist working on the game, not a fan just trying to have some fun.

    When I first saw the piece, I assumed it was a re-creation of a specific scene in the game we all remember (I won't spoil it, don't worry). When I actually took it all in, I realized she was at least five years older. That got me thinking quite a bit and I really like the path it took me down. I feel that having Clementine sitting in the same position, obviously very haggard and distraught, says just about everything I wish the developers had said upon the game's conclusion.

    I'm going to put the rest of this in a "spoiler window" to avoid ruining the game for anyone who's yet to play it.

    I wound up thinking that Clementine must have been living in that horrible world for years now, going from place to place trying to replicate her relationship with Lee and the group (with varying consequences and outcomes). Your piece immediately brought images of the entire "The Walking Dead" comic series to mind and I couldn't help but see all the horrifying images contained within flash before my eyes in a way. I hadn't thought about it until now, but I'm surprised at how much zombie-stuff I've read/watched over the past two years.

    Back to Clementine, I found myself thinking about all the people she must have met, the roamers she must have killed, and the tough choices she must have endured just to get back to the same position that must have crushed her the first time around. I wonder who's arm that is and how, ~five years later, Clementine finds herself just as desperate and downtrodden as she was ~five years prior.

    Not only are those thoughts haunting, but they create a much deeper story than the one officially issued by TellTale. In my opinion, the beliefs and images created within the mind of the consumer are those that really have an impact, and your piece does plenty to perpetuate that ideal and has given me plenty of desire to pick up the game once again.

    Now, the piece itself. I really enjoy it's general composition and detail, but more than that I enjoy it's mood and dark-yet-light feel.
    (I'm not an artist, but I live with and love one, so sorry for the lack of terminology).

    I think the ripples on her clothing are very well done and provide much more depth with their current color than they ever could if they were jet-black. Techniques like that are quite foreign to me, but I can certainly appreciate them when I see them!

    All-in-all, great job! I'd love to see more of your work one of these days!
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